The ‘new normal’: How Number Portability can make markets move

The ‘new normal’: How Number Portability can make markets move

The ‘new normal’: How Number Portability can make markets move

Number Portability, not a topic that would be of the highest priority on the agenda in a world that is slowly recovering from a pandemic. But the ‘new normal’ may just be the right time.

For the Telecommunications Sector, which is rightfully considered vital, the most important thing during the past period was to have all communications up and running. During these times the ability to communicate with another whilst being in a lockdown proved of key importance. Whilst working from home, many world citizens replaced their in person gatherings for online video meetings, phone calls and messaging services.

Governments and regulators allowing telecommunication providers to fully focus on empowering communication  was the right ‘call’. But this also means that the coronavirus has put many things on hold. Projects are postponed, implementation of new regulations is paused. The focus is mainly on having all day to day businesses running and keeping them running.

As we work with telecom providers all over the world, we, now more than ever, encountered the joined responsibility for enabling communication for all: consumers and businesses, governments, healthcare and so on. Communication is key. Period. We are grateful for all the hard work everybody puts in everyday to enable communication. And for the contribution we can make.

We now slowly move into a new phase, the ‘new normal’ as we call it. With careful steps the world is opened bit by bit. The world’s markets are opening again: Borders open up, businesses are allowed to open again, consumers are getting ready to open their doors again and step out. With tools in mind that make markets work, we know that markets get to flourish when driven by competition. Because competition is breeding ground for innovation, fosters pricing for consumers, demands for high quality products and services, and stimulates best-in-class customer experience. And as we learned throughout all the years: competition gets driven by Number Portability.

The possibility to retain your number whilst switching provider makes it more interesting for consumers and businesses to move. Removing the hurdle of not being able to keep your existing number and needing to update friends, family, companies, security profiles and so on makes the freedom of choice much easier. Which causes companies to step up their game: if it’s easy to go, then you should make it interesting to have them stay. Better service, higher quality, better pricing; there are lots of ways of having consumers enjoying services and wanting to stay.

But if they want to switch: then make the switch as efficient and customer friendly as possible. Because a customer that will port out now is a possible port in for the future.

This requires a user friendly and accessible number portability process for both operators and customers. Jan Mooijman, CEO at PortingXS: “We have decades of experience with Number Portability and based on implementations all over the world and lessons learned, we conclude that a process that is short, simple and secure works in all directions and benefits all parties involved. And also coronavirus proof, as all processes can be offered fully digital without the need for a customer to visit a retail shop or any other manual intervention.”

The implementation of number portability is special due to the fact that it is one of those rare occasions that operators and regulators truly need to cooperate and jointly define and implement the process. PortingXS is the neutral partner in between safeguarding joined interests: each stakeholder benefits from a process that is short, simple and secure.

Jan Mooijman: “Our Number Portability as a Managed Service allows for implementations within months, keeps the costs low and offers a state of the art secure porting solution that fits any type of market, regardless of the size. It’s a triple win for all parties involved. Whilst regulators can introduce Number Portability in just a few months instead of years, Telecom Operators and Service Providers are able to easy implement a process that is simple, cost efficient and is allowing them to focus on their customers. And their customers, consumers and businesses, are given the freedom to switch while retaining their number.”

Times like these are a breeding ground for change. Consumers and businesses are impacted by restrictions that influence their ability to move or operate freely. It demands for businesses to evolve or reinvent themselves. With all this in mind, we reckon that the ‘new normal’ that we are entering now is the right time to evolve your business.

Make the move and contact us to make your market move. We can’t wait!