SMS solution for Number Portability

Innovative and customer friendly MNP

The unique Inports® SMS solution is an innovative way to provide a safe, easy and foremost customer friendly validation process in the porting flow. Instead of using all kinds of numbers for validation like account numbers, SIM numbers and so on, we use a SMS authorisation message send by the customer.

All validation methods are necessary to check if the correct number is ported and that the customer owns this number. What we do with this validation: the customer sends a text message to a (short free phone) number with PORT in the content. Our tool receives this number from the operator and matches the number with the porting request in the database.

We now know that it is in fact the customer that wants to port, but we also see that we have a porting request for the correct number, using the CLI identification. Besides using the SMS for validation purposes, Inports® also can be programmed to inform customers during their porting journey. From messages that are sent in case of an rejection, to informing the customer to change their SIM card at the moment of port. Messages can be branded on service provider level.

PortingXS - SMS solution for Number Portability

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