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The complete MNP and LNP solution

The introduction of number portability is an important step in the liberalization of telecommunications markets. The definition of number portability: To enable subscribers to retain a telephone number when changing their network or service provider. PortingXS would like to add: In an easy, fast, safe and customer friendly manner.

Inports is the complete solution for the number portability process. The application supports portability of all types of numbers, from mobile (MNP) and fixed telephony (LNP) to ENUM, service and other types of telecommunication numbers. Inports is available for regulators, telecom operators and service providers.

Inports can be fully integrated, be used as standalone portability solution and everything in between: whichever is preferred. Inports consists of a number of services, which combined create the complete number portability suite.

Reliable Central Number Database

For more than a decade, the PortingXS solution has a Central Number Database available for her customers. With an uptime of 99,9% throughout all our solutions running worldwide, with Service Levels Agreements in place and respected, we can guarantee that we have reliable solution to cover all the needs of regulators and operators.

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