Inports - NMS - Number Management System

Number Resource and Inventory management made easy

PortingXS is proud to present the Inports NMS – Number Management System, a service that allows our customers to better manage the processes dealing with their numbering plan.

With the ongoing liberalization of the telecommunication market, regulators and operators have been confronted with new/additional challenges regarding number management. They face rather complex issues when dealing with number management, such as:

  • What is my domain (overall national numbering plan)?
  • Whom did I issue what number to?
  • What have been the conditions attached to these issued numbers?
  • What different types of numbers do I have?
  • What is the status of each number (reserved, issued, available, etc.)
  • What has been communicated with the operator?

The Inports NMS is designed to anticipate these questions and to optimize and automate communication between the regulator and the operators. Through the system, application can be automated, reports can be generated and alerts can be configured. This will help both regulator as well as operators to better anticipate and plan ahead as well as simplify and speed up processes.

The national numbering plan is becoming more and more complex. New types of numbers are being issued, existing numbering plans may no longer suffice, and business rules may change. Some of the actual use cases are:

  • A new numbering range for machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions.
  • Implementation of number portability.
  • An overview of available numbers/number ranges.
  • Dependency with umbrella numbering plans (e.g. North American Numbering Plan).
  • Inports NMS allows regulators to start optimizing the number processes before introducing Number Portability.

Customers using the Inports number portability solution knew already that a number of number management functions have been implemented. All these functions are of interest for operators. For regulators however the functionality is not enough. For that reason PortingXS has developed Inports NMS and has added process functionality from a regulatory point of view. Basic functionality includes order/entry, allocation, reservation, assignment, the administrative workflow and control of the national numbering plan. Extensive reporting also belongs to the basic functionality. Needless to say that Inports NMS can be fully integrated with Inports Number Portability solution.

N.Base Numbering Management

Numbering Management – N.Base is available for

  • 06Nigeria


    The solution implemented in Nigeria is an Centralized Database solution with inter operator messaging.

  • PortingXS-Panama


    The delivered system was custom made for the Panama market. The delivered solution includes adding scanned documents to the number portability request. The process was initiated by the Panamese regulator, ASEP.

  • Cyaman-Islands_portingXS

    Cayman Islands­

    Fixed and Mobile Number Portability solution with IVR and SMS validation processes, all serviced on a Centralized Database with inter operator messaging.

  • PortingXS-Ghana


    The Ghana Mobile Portability process was initiated by NCA, the regulator of Ghana, in close cooperation with the mobile operators. Implementation went live in July 2011.

  • PortingXS-Nederland

    The Netherlands

    PortingXS delivers Mobile and Fixed Number Portability services in the Netherlands. Services vary from fully automated connected Network Operators and Service Providers to smaller parties working with easy to use online Portability Portals.

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