The Ghana Mobile Portability process was initiated by NCA, the regulator of Ghana, in close cooperation with the mobile operators. Implementation went live in July 2011.

Used solution – Mobile number portability solution
Ghana MNP

This process was initiated by NCA, the regulator of Ghana, in close cooperation with the mobile operators. The mobile operators involved in the process were:

  • MTN Ghana
  • Vodafone Ghana
  • Tigo Ghana
  • Airtel Ghana
  • Expresso
  • Glo Mobile

Project for PortingXS was running from October 2010 until the going live date of July 7th 2011. The operators started the process of creating steering and sub groups, project definitions, commercial frameworks and setting up the RFP as from April 2010. We have implemented a Central Reference Database with inter operator communications, customized to the requirements of the operators. Customer Authorisation is initiated by the customer, sending an SMS to the database. The average porting time at this moment is 2 hours.


TV 3 Ghana

TV 3 Ghana interview about Number Portability implementation FEATURING MR. ROBERT PALITZ

The implementation of and experiences with Mobile Number Portability were discussed at TV 3′s New Day program. Featuring Mr. Robert Palitz, consultant with the NCA during the implementation. PortingXS is proud to be part of this greatly succesful number portability project!

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National Communications Authority TESTIMONIAL

To whom it may concern

Implementation of Mobile Number Portability

The National Communications Authority (NCA), the communications regulatory body of Ghana, through an international competitive process in October 2010, selected Porting Access b.v. (PortingXS) of the Netherlands (through its local affiliate, Porting Access Ghana Limited) out of nine (9) Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Solution Providers to serve as the MNP Service Provider for the Republic of Ghana.

PortingXS was able to modify its software to fit Ghana’s market and regulatory requirements and to have its systems functional by March 2011. The company is responsible for the central reference database management as well as processing of all porting requests and responses.

We are pleased to confirm that PortingXS completed the above project within the stipulated time frame and to the satisfaction of the NCA.

The NCA has no hesitation in recommending Porting Access b.v. to any institution which may require the company’s services for similar projects.

Yours faithfully,

Paarock Vanpercy

Director General NCA

Ghana NCA Testimonial

Numberportability was smooth NCA – BOB PALITZ

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) became operational in Ghana on Thursday, and mobile phone users are already taking advantage of it to switch networks whilst still keeping their numbers. The MNP will enable subscribers, dissatisfied with their current operator, to move from one network to another without changing their numbers and still be reached by their contacts on the same number. According to the National Communications Authority, the system would also ensure that service providers serve customers better. With the system now in effect, it should be possible for clients to walk into the service center of the telecom operator of choice with an ID and tell them that you wish to be on that network with your old number. Bob Palitz, a Consultant for the National Communications Authority (NCA) on Mobile Number Portability, told Joy News Dzifa Bampoh that over 100 had successfully ported their numbers at the close of the day, Thursday, which was more than expected. He also emphasized that operators are mandated to port within 24 hours, noting that except for some “serious reasons”, an operator has no excuse to accept or reject somebody who intends to port his or her number. Dr. Charles Wereko-Brobbey, former chief executive of the defunct Ghana@50 Secretariat, who had earlier kicked against the MNP, insisted that the system is not the best for mobile phone users. He told Joy News on Thursday that the NCA should rather ensure that the service providers improve their performance to the level as pertains elsewhere. But Mr Bob Palitz explained that the MNP is not a substitute for NCA’s regulatory mandate, and asked people to stop creating “erroneous report” to “misinform” subscribers. According to Saqip Nazir of Porting XS, the firm managing the porting process, the process of migration on the whole, has been smooth. He told Joy News that persons who want to port would only deal with the prospective operator, without communicating anything to their current operator. When porting is done, one would have to send a free text message to a specific code number for confirmation, Mr Nazir said. After porting, he remarked, one would only be able to port back to his previous operator after a 30-day period.

Bob Palitz, program manager NCA implementation Number Portability

Our global presence

  • 06Nigeria


    The solution implemented in Nigeria is an Centralized Database solution with inter operator messaging.

  • PortingXS-Panama


    The delivered system was custom made for the Panama market. The delivered solution includes adding scanned documents to the number portability request. The process was initiated by the Panamese regulator, ASEP.

  • Cyaman-Islands_portingXS

    Cayman Islands­

    Fixed and Mobile Number Portability solution with IVR and SMS validation processes, all serviced on a Centralized Database with inter operator messaging.

  • PortingXS-Ghana


    The Ghana Mobile Portability process was initiated by NCA, the regulator of Ghana, in close cooperation with the mobile operators. Implementation went live in July 2011.

  • PortingXS-Nederland

    The Netherlands

    PortingXS delivers Mobile and Fixed Number Portability services in the Netherlands. Services vary from fully automated connected Network Operators and Service Providers to smaller parties working with easy to use online Portability Portals.

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