Channel Islands

Mobile Number Portability Solution

This process was initiated by the Regulator of Guernsey. The Mobile operators were involved from the start of the process. Because the operators in Guernsey were also the operators in Jersey (different incumbents), one project was defined for both Isles. The Mobile operators involved in the process were:

  • Vodafone Airtel Guernsey,
  • Vodafone Airtel Jersey,
  • Cable & Wireless Guernsey,
  • Cable & Wireless Jersey,
  • Jersey Telecom,
  • Wave Telecom.

Project was running from July until the going live date of December 1st 2008.

This was the first project abroad for PortingXS. We have implemented a Central Reference Database with inter operator communications, customized to the requirements of the operators. Customer Authorisation is initiated by the customer, sending an SMS to the database. We learnt that the implementation of our system is part of the solution. Operators have their own plans, with interconnection agreements, new hardware/software updates for billing and routing etc. We will always start our project, with the comparison of our Project Plan, with the Project Plan of the operators.


To whom it may concern

PortingXS has approached the Office of Utility Regulation to provide a reference and I am happy to do so.

In May 2008 PortingXS was chosen by the three mobile operators in Guernsey and Jersey to support them in the implementation of Mobile Number Portability. MNP was succesfully launched in the Channel Islands on 1st December 2008. The implementation was completed against a very tight timetable. The flexibility and versatility of the product offered by PortingXS, along with excellent support provided by PortingXS staff, contributed to the successful launch of MNP. The OUR has no reservation in recommending PortingXS.

Yours sincerely

John Curran

Director General

Airtel Vodafone – Guernsey and Jersey

Channel Islands Mobile Number Portability Testimonial

Iain Williams, Chief Executive Officer of the Channel Islands operator Airtel Vodafone writes: “The introduction of Mobile Number Portability in Jersey and Guernsey marked a significant milestone in the furthering of true competition in the Channel Islands mobile telephony markets and finally allowed Channel Islands consumers complete choice and freedom in selectiing the best mobile phone services for their needs. Mobile Number Portability has significantly boosted Airtel Vodafone’s business and customer base. PortingXS were selected by the regulators and operators in the Channel Islands as offering the most appropiate, flexible and cost effective Number Portability solution for a small yet demanding market such as Jersey and Guernsey. PortingXS from the outset worked closely and positively as a key partner to the Channel Islands operators and their flexibility enabled the Channel Islands to implement a streamlined porting process designed specifically to minimise porting time, complexity and maximise the customer experience for the benefit of the consumers of Jersey and Guernsey. Without PortingXS’s experience and professionalism, the Channel Islands operators would not have been able to design and implement Mobile Number Portability, in less than 10 months, an achievement we are all justifiably proud of. Since launch, the simplicity of the Channel Islands Number Portability process and the robust performance of the PortingXS platform has given Channel Islands consumers the confidence to port their numbers in significant numbers and allowed them to enjoy the benefits of greater competition and choice of mobile telephony products and services.”

Iain Williams

Chief Executive Officer

Airtel Vodafone

Channel Islands and Isle of Man – Cable and Wireless

As a customer of PortingXS in three jurisdictions (Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man) we have been extremely satisfied with the performance of multi operator Porting Database. Once your company was selected the PortingXS team played an active role in the development of each island’s processes and provided an independent viewpoint that allowed the concerns from each operators to be validated and any problem to be overcome. Patty’s and Michel’s contributions to the projects were critical to the operational and technical success that MNP has been for the Sure Networks.

We are pleased to recommend PortingXS and confident that you will play an important role in bringing MNP to other markets.

Yours faithfully

For Cable & Wireless Guernsey Ltd.

James McEwan

Head of Billing and Applications

Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man and Bermuda

Channel Islands – OUR

Channel Islands – Airtel Vodafone

Channel Islands – Cable and Wireless

Other countries we serve

  • 06Nigeria


    The solution implemented in Nigeria is an Centralized Database solution with inter operator messaging.

  • PortingXS-Panama


    The delivered system was custom made for the Panama market. The delivered solution includes adding scanned documents to the number portability request. The process was initiated by the Panamese regulator, ASEP.

  • Cyaman-Islands_portingXS

    Cayman Islands­

    Fixed and Mobile Number Portability solution with IVR and SMS validation processes, all serviced on a Centralized Database with inter operator messaging.

  • PortingXS-Ghana


    The Ghana Mobile Portability process was initiated by NCA, the regulator of Ghana, in close cooperation with the mobile operators. Implementation went live in July 2011.

  • PortingXS-Nederland

    The Netherlands

    PortingXS delivers Mobile and Fixed Number Portability services in the Netherlands. Services vary from fully automated connected Network Operators and Service Providers to smaller parties working with easy to use online Portability Portals.

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