CEIR consultancy services

CEIR consultancy services

CEIR consultancy services

Counterfeit and Stolen mobile phones cause a lot of problems in telecom markets. From causing general health issues to fraud and increasing criminal activities. Are you already addressing the problem of Counterfeit and Stolen mobile phones in your country? Is it part of the roadmap?

If not: The PortingXS team has extensive knowledge on all different routes that regulators and operators can follow to achieve the optimal environment. We can help by setting up an implementation plan, containing stakelholders, tasks, milestones, deliverables and so on.

Or do you already have systems in place? We can provide analysis of and optimalization of these existing systems. Enabling regulators to be fully in charge in safeguarding its telephony landscape: protecting and serving its market!

Please liaise with the PortingXS team to explore how we can create your success story in protecting your market.

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